My personal style has been described as edgy, contemporary and unique. I have had the pleasure to learn from experienced artisans and push my own boundaries of skill.  My intent as an artist is to create pieces that are original and progressive, but an honest reflection of myself. As a designer I feel it necessary to achieve balance and harmony throughout the entire scope of a project, creating a cohesive environment with my one-of-a-kind creations and the existing surroundings


– Mark Gerardi

Products & Industries

Music and Soul - working on the 10' guitar detail

Music and Soul - working on the 10' guitar detail

  • Large scale art installation public and private
  • Furniture – custom and production run
  • Commercial & Residential Furniture
  • Architectural & Structural details
  • Wrought iron work - fine wood details
  • Trade Show Booths
  • Showpiece Sculpture / Signage
  • P.O.P. / Display / Kiosk
  • Transportation & Accessories
  • Consumer product / Styling



  • Full Production
  • Metal fabrication - Welding / brazing / torch cutting/ water jetting
  • Research and concept development.
  • Design development & space planning.
  • Custom Wood fabrication-
  • Custom Glasswork
  • Working drawings, renderings, project bidding.

custom steel bottle display for Watergrill, SD - with antique copper finish

Creative Services


  • Industrial Design – furniture / product
  • Mixed media art / cross discipline and styles
  • Interior and Exterior Design
  • Environments
    • Concept thru to Finalization
    • Research
    • Strategic Planning
    • Prototyping